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           Holiday Memories–Religious

           5" x 7" cards  |  12 designs  |  18 cards & envelopes                                   CBC361  0260  24
           $10.00 MSRP   |  24 boxes/case  |  sold by pre-packed assortment only

              Let us rejoice on the Day Christ was born  May the true spirit of Christmas shine  May God bless your Christmas with hope and
                       Merry Christmas             in your heart and light your path  peace. May He always fill your life with love
                                                                                          Merry Christmas

                  May God bless your Christmas         Wishing you every joy          May the blessings from above
                      with joy and peace            at this wonderful time of year  shine on you with peace and love

                   May the peace of Christmas       May God bless your Holidays    Wishing you a blessed holiday season
                be in your heart throughout the year  with hope and peace Merry Christmas

                    Let us rejoice on the day        May His love and presence    May your Christmas be joyful, peaceful
                       Christ was born               fill you to overflowing and    and bright, and filled with the love
                                                  bring you a most joyous Christmas     of that first holy night

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