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                    The creative and sales teams at Expressive Design Group are very excited to present you with
                    our 2018 Market Line catalog. As you review our 2018 products and programs, you will see
                    that we added Valentine’s Day product for 2019 and our All Occasion Program offers new
                    designs. Additionally, our Christmas Program has expanded several categories and improved
                    upon others.

                        •  The comment that we continue to hear from all of you is that the quality of
                           our product and the margins we offer continue to be very important to your
                        •  We talked to retailers about our roll wrap, and were asked for a paper with
                           grid lines that won’t rip when wrapping packages. This year, we are introducing
                           a paper that is branded Holiday Heavyweights®, featuring Scissor Glide
                           Technology , along with grid lines all to make gift wrapping easier.
                        •  We are offering two Black Friday specials to help create additional sales.
                           Orders must be placed by March 15, 2018 to take advantage of this promotional

                        •  We included suggestions on how to display our products in stores. Each
                           category section of the catalog has a visual representation on how to
                           merchandise our product.

                        •  We made several subtle changes to our boxed card line, including different
                           box colors, an additional envelope in our boxes that retail over $15.00, three
                           Religious assortments, and an increase in cards that state “Merry Christmas.”
                        •  We are continuing our early booking programs on Christmas products. All
                           Christmas orders placed by March 31, 2018, will receive additional discounts
                           for reaching specific volume levels, free freight for orders of $500.00 or more,
                           December Dating with approved terms on orders of $500.00 or more.*

                    We look forward to working with you in our Corporate showrooms either in Atlanta or Las
                    Vegas, or with your independent sales representative.

                    Please reach out to your Expressive Design Group Sales Department for more information at
                    1-413-315-6296 ext. 210.

                    Thank you for your support!

                    QUALITY SPEAKS, it’s a reflection of you . . .

                    *Cannot be combined with any other program.

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