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              The sales and creative teams at Expressive Design Group are excited to invite you to explore our
              2019 Catalog! Our mission is to bring you high quality products at a value price, that drive strong
              sell-thrus and exceptional margins. Based on your feedback we are succeeding! We also wanted to
              take a moment to thank you for your continued support during these challenging times in retail.
              We truly appreciate your business and look forward to a continued long-term partnership.

                   •     Our Creative Team has once again revitalized the line for 2019. Through extensive
                          market and trend research, our design staff collaborates with industry leading artists
                          to ensure strong sell-thrus.

                   •     We are continuing our Black Friday Programs for 2019, featured on pages 4 & 5, to
                          help drive incremental sales. The 10-Pack Value Gift Bag set makes its return this year
                          in an all new Kraft design.  We are also introducing our new Holiday Luxury Favorites
                          Quad Pack boxed card set at a super price! Orders must be placed by March 15th, 2019
                          to take advantage of these special promotional opportunities.

                   •     In each category you will find a variety of fixture programs, spinner racks, corrugated
                          floor and shelf PDQs designed for easy in store execution to maximize your retail
                          space and drive impulse sales.

                   •     Our gift and nested box program continue to evolve with our new Ready To Go boxes
                          featuring built in ribbon and gift tags.

                   •     For your favorite Holiday baker make sure to check out our Cookie Exchange line that
                          includes a variety of treat boxes, trays and sacks! The full product line can be found
                          on pages 92-95. YUM!

                   •     Don’t forget the gift wrap! It is a must have for all retailers. Our gift wrap features
                          grid lines, available in multiple sizes, and ships in a shrouded PDQ for easy in-store

              Please reach out to your Expressive Design Group Sales Team for more information or to order by
              calling 800-848-6685 and pressing Option 1 or by emailing
              We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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